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Casa Migrante

Location: Brooklyn, U.S.A.

Type: Affordable Housing

Team: Marcos Escamilla-Guerrero

           Xinyu Tang

Status: Idea

Year: 2023

Reacting to the recent significant influx of migrant population in NYC, the urgency of housing becomes critical. Intended to bring back the historic housing typologie of Single Residence Occupancy (or S.R.O hotels) that effectively houses a large number of urban population back in the 1950s, our project intends to explore the S.R.O typology’s contemporary possibilities that integrates quality and dignified communal living space with urban greenery.

"Modular exchangeable framing system"

Transition from housing to greenhouse


Overall site plan


Section Perspctive

"Metabolic and adaptive design for migrant crisis"

The building presents two types of property, the public and the private at the same time. Public property must be understood as the building restrooms, corridors, platforms and open spaces. In the other hand, the interior of the capsules are the private piece property that parks temporarily in the building. This is very important since the proposed site is a public park along Chicago’s Lakeshore.

20231205_Short Elevation-01.jpg

West Elevation

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