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Location: N/A

Type: Conceptual Tower

Team: Marcos Escamilla-Guerrero

Status: Idea

Year: 2019

The site is a plaza inside the Monterrey Tech campus, surrounded by three buildings; it is a natural space of encounter for students. Unfortunately, the lack of shade along its geometric configuration makes the space unattractive. One of the three buildings previously mentioned is a biotechnology lab, which has restricted access and is very unknown to everybody what happens inside the laboratory. The objective is to transform the space, so it becomes a public hub for students and an active plaza that somehow calls the attention towards science and the lab that is in front.

The proposed pavilion takes formal inspiration from the microorganisms that are manipulated by the scientists inside the lab. The curvy edges as well as the free height variation of the canopy create all together a number of shaded public cluster spaces that activate the plaza and provide scenarios for the students to encounter. Furthermore, the contrast between wood and aluminum as well as the dichroic film reflects the interaction between science and nature.

"Active tower to address climate challenges"

(Cleaning Air Tower)

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