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Location: Monterrey, Nuevo León

Type: Deployable Module

Team: Marcos Escamilla-Guerrero

           Mariana Losano (engineer)

           Paola Ortega (logistics)

Status: Built

Year: 2019

Shown above, Celso Piña is represented while playing the accordion, which is considered one of the greatest musicians from Mexico. The accordion plays a crucial role in the regional music from the northeast of Mexico. Especially in Monterrey, Nuevo León, regional music is a huge cultural component, it can be said that the accordion is present in the daily life of Monterrey. That object, apart of being a unique instrument that generates sounds through contraction and expansion, possess a fluid an interesting geometry that varies as it is being played. The accordion can be expanded in a straight line, but also it can be curved in a concave or convex direction.

The mechanism and dynamism of the accordion is what inspired this project. The intention was to generate a movable and deployable pavilion that resembles a musical instrument. The compression and expansion of the accordion is what directed the design towards a deployable structures field. After studying the different types of deployable structures and their elements, the pavilion surges.

"A modern language of steel members and CLT"

(Deployable Arch)

ELEMENTS copy.png


DIAGRAM B copy B.png


Scaled physical model

Faabrication & assembling process

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