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Location: Monterrey, Nuevo León

Type: Renovation

Team: Marcos Escamilla-Guerrero

Status: Idea

Year: 2019

The project is the renovation of a building that was the headquarters of a law firm. The requirements of the refurbishment were very specific, nothing too big in terms of scale and to renovate the original building. The building is located in the heart of Monterrey, Mexico, it is a few blocks from a metro station and from the local cathedral. The project tries to incorporate an innovative scheme for residential rental units, it includes a co-working zone, as well as Airbnb units that are cladded with a terraced food production system that serves the needs of the building, trying to make it as sustainable as possible.

The design methodology was quite complex because it started with a site visit and an evaluation of the existing buildings. From a personal criteria, elements were selected to preserve or be demolished. The building surges after the creation of a rational structural grid and the accommodation of the required program. For last, an innovative food production system was implemented to serve both, as facade and thermal insulation for the added building.

"A modern language of steel members and CLT"

Notarios Comportamiento y Módulo.png

Residential module

planta referencia.png

Overall plan showing the program distribution as well as the inner courtyards.

1- Access

2- Auditorium

3- Library

4- Cafe

5- Cowork

6- Office

7- Courtyard

8- Lobby

9- Toilets

10- Service

11- Circulation

planta referencia 2.png

Enlarged plan showing the interior layout of the units as well as their relationship with the core.

11- Circultation

14- Terrace

15- Bedroom

16- Bathroom

17- Living Room

Lámina 3.jpg
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