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ReWilding Delights

Published book exploring the meaning of ReWilding in an urban context.

Authorship Team: 

Berk Korkmaz, Chang Yu Lin , Dezhong Deng, Hung Ming Tseng, Ipek Temizkan, Jacey Watson, Jeeya Savani, Juan Agustin Rivera, Juyeon Han, Marcos Escamilla-Guerrero, Matthew Wilson, Mia Wang, Nandini Mohan, Prarthana Jathar, Ran (Gemma) Xie, Ronishka Sabu Nalpathil, Sumin Oh, Sung Ho Synn, Suttahathai (Jan) Niyomwas , Xinyu (Vivian) Tang, Yang Li, Yeou-Uei Chai, Yumin Zhang, Yuyan (Annie) Zhang, Zhijun (AO) Ding

Location: New York City, U.S.A. 

Type: Publication

Editing Team: Marcos Escamilla-Guerrero

Studio Lead: Greg Keeffe

Status: Published

Year: 2023

The design of the book and edition was trying to be aligned with its content. The challenge was how to design a book that could showcase the heterogeneous work produced by the cohort of MS AAD 24' program at Cornell University. Design and editing decisions were taken to produce the squared format book with more than 170 pages.

Edited hand.jpg

"Materialization of ReWilding into a book design"

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